Starting Something New…

Every now and then we all thing of starting something new. A new job, a new project, a new life maybe. I’m just going to start with a new blog. This is going to be my knitting blog, primarily, maybe i’ll put other stuff up too, who knows, but mostly knitting stuff.

I tend to write like I talk…it makes my husband crazy. But it’s my blog and he doesn’t have to read it. So there. And I don’t think he really cares if I found the perfect color yarn for that new sweater I want to knit or that I’m afraid the learn to knit socks. (I think it’s the heel part).

I think I need a place of my own, to rant, to show off. To be me.

Next time I’ll post some images.

Heather Whiting

hmwhiting on Ravelry

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