Tea Collection has Women’s Clothes!

it’s about time!  Yay!


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coming in January…

This gallery contains 3 photos.

here is some fun sw sock from Noodle Me This. Dublin Green Good Grape and Peachy Keen ( I love, love, love this one) I pulled a few skeins aside to make a lacy wrap! So keep coming back!  I’ll … Continue reading

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Hey there!  I’m creating a new and improved “noodle me this”.  I’m hoping to have my etsy store up in January (i’m still trying to figure out what I want to sell…there are too many choices!)

And, I’ve set up links to a few of my favorite shops (or i’m trying too – I have to get use to all this self-hosting stuff!).

Anyway – i’ll be back soon with some beautiful photography and some yummy fiber to look at!

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The year of finishing…

So I decided today to go through all the piles of books in my room, just my bedroom.  There are several piles of books in my bedroom.  I like to read. I counted 9, possibly 10 unfinished books…wow.  I just got bored at some point and started a new book.  That is so unlike me and a book.  So I’ve set 9 of those aside, because I now must finish them.

I also have decided that I must finish all those other UFO’s hanging about my house.  Those knitting projects, those quilts…even those cross-stitch projects!  Some are a decade old.

I think it will be cathartic in someway…I don’t know in what way…but i’m sure it will feel good.

I’m not saying that I’m not starting any new projects until these are do…no way!  I just want to finish (finally finish!) what I started…some time this year.


Now off to the library with all those other books that I did finish and won’t read again!

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What is your goal for 2010?

My goal for 2010 is to get back to creating something everyday…be it knitting, quilting, baking, photography or fiber arts. Just creating something new – from me to the world – just because.  Because I can…because my soul needs to.

Happy 2010

I can’t wait to see what we all create this year!

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Tour de Fleece, 2009

So my husband thinks i’m completely nuts…totally off my rocker.  I sorta am…hee hee.  This is my first year doing Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece (a yarn spinning competition that runs at the same time at Tour de France).   I don’t watch Tour de France…have zero desire to. but I love spinning wool…any excuse to spin more often…

Here is Day 1 – July 4th efforts –

I started with some beautiful Merino/Seacell – “sea sprite” color from 1,000 Petals

1000 Petals - "sea sprite"

1000 Petals - "sea sprite"

1/2 way there!

1/2 way there!

Day 2 – July 5th

on spindle

on spindle

All Spun up!

All Spun up!

The next wonderful wooley goodness is from Squoosh FiberArts – probably my favorite ever for rovings…I can’t get enough fiber from her…her colorways are just amazing…

Merino/Tencel color "split"

Merino/Tencel color "split"



more Yummy!!!

more Yummy!!!

BTW – The spindle is from Butterfly Girl Designs it’s a little speedster!

Butterfly Girl Spindle & Squoosh "Split"

Butterfly Girl Spindle & Squoosh "Split"

I’ve actually been working today…gasp…shocking I know.  Designing wedding albums for my wonderful real clients at www.heathermwhiting.com, so I haven’t been able to continue spinning this wonderfully yummy roving.  I will do more tonight.

Well, back to work!!! See you soon.


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Wow, it’s been a super long time!

My kids kept me super busy this year.  And i’m a horrible blogger…truly horrible.

let’s see…I started spinning…drop spindle, I covet a Matchless DT like no tomorrow but we will see.  They are on sale at Paradise Fibers right now…click the link.

I’ve been playing with dyes.  I’ll post some pix later…

We got a puppy…a boxer-lab mix…she cute a button…but like to eat everything…

so later today I’ll post some pix of my spinning and some of my hand colored creations!

and I’ll try to get better about posting.  try.


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Starting Something New…

Every now and then we all thing of starting something new. A new job, a new project, a new life maybe. I’m just going to start with a new blog. This is going to be my knitting blog, primarily, maybe i’ll put other stuff up too, who knows, but mostly knitting stuff.

I tend to write like I talk…it makes my husband crazy. But it’s my blog and he doesn’t have to read it. So there. And I don’t think he really cares if I found the perfect color yarn for that new sweater I want to knit or that I’m afraid the learn to knit socks. (I think it’s the heel part).

I think I need a place of my own, to rant, to show off. To be me.

Next time I’ll post some images.

Heather Whiting

hmwhiting on Ravelry

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